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To have CSGR investigate your location (at no charge), feel free to contact us by the means described
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Updated: 12/19/09
California Ghost Town Research Project 2007-09
Beginning in June of 2007 members of CSGR will begin a research project involving a crop of CA Ghost Towns. We will not
only be conducting extensive historical and paranormal research, on and off-site, at each of these locations, but will be
publishing our results in a book available to the public early next year.  A documentary film is also in discussion involving
this project.

Please return to our website for future updates on this research project, as we will post photographs, and updated
information on our on-site stays and visits to each of the candidate locations. CSGR will also be accepting donations for
this project beginning June 1, 2007.
It is the mission of the California Society for Ghost Research (CSGR), to investigate and research
supernatural phenomena within, but not limited to, the state of California.  With an emphasis in spirit and
ghostly phenomena, CSGR continues in search of concrete evidence of life after death.  By collecting such
evidence, it is the overall goal of CSGR to assist in the acceptance of the paranormal field by mainstream
science.  We seek accreditation, for the entire field, through careful analysis of individual cases by means
of scientific, socio-scientific, and psychic research.  We also hope to progress our understanding of
supernatural phenomena with each case we study. During this life long commitment to the field of
paranormal study, it is the will of CSGR to aid individuals seeking assistance with all types of hauntings.  If
you, or someone close to you, are experiencing strange phenomena at home, work or another location, do
not hesitate in contacting us.  All questions on paranormal phenomena are welcome.  No matter the
situation, we will do our best to reply to your inquiry in a timely manner.  Also, if you wish to
not have your
case listed in any type of publication, it is CSGR's first priority to respect your confidentiality.