Forecasting the 2016 Super Rugby Season

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For the 21st time, the Super Rugby Season will kick off in the 2016. An extensive format will be seen from this year with 18 teams. More teams apart from New Zealand, Australia and South Africa have been invited for this season. Therefore, it is possible to observe team from Japan and Argentina. The Super Rugby Season is arranged with an amalgamation of round-robin and knockout games. Rugby is scheduled to take place from 26th February and go on till 16th July. The finals series has been organized at the last week of July along with a final game on 6th August.

Dates for the Super Rugby Season 2016

On the opening night, games between three semi-finalists from last year have been scheduled for a thundering start. Japanese team has been appearing in the Super Rugby Season for the first time. The first game for the Japanese is on the 27th February with the Lions in Tokyo. It is a Saturday. Therefore, the game can be enjoyed by the fans certainly.

The finalist of 2015 season may battle out each other once again in Round 2. The match is hosted by Highlanders against the Hurricanes. Cheetah, Stormers and Bulls are playing with the Japanese team in Singapore National Stadium. However, these matches have been scheduled to be played in different rounds. Structure of the game has been confirmed within South African Conference.

The trophy for the season has been re-designed and gold plated in order to increase the grandeur and extravagance of the event. Japanese and Argentinean teams have not been declared yet. However, the declaration can be done soon enough.

Evolution of the 2016 Super Rugby Season

Most noteworthy changes have been made in the Super Rugby Season in 2016 with the inclusion of new teams from three different countries. Highlanders are meeting the Blues in Auckland to defend their title on 26th February. Brumbies are also hosting a game with Hurricane on the same day to ensure a great opening.

In the Australasian Group, it is possible to come across five teams. Maiden champion can be obtained by the Argentinean team.

Each team is scheduled to play six matches within the conference. Five matches can be played with Australasian Conference and Four with South African Conference by the Japanese and Argentinean teams. Regular season is expected to go on for 17 weeks along with two byes.

Knockout session can be observed afterwards. Eight teams from four conferences can play in the next stage. Four winners of the conferences can play along with second highest rank team from South African and three other three ranker from Australasian group.

For the next session, ΒΌ of the regular season points can be taken. However, the winner can play on the home turf each time.

Predictions for Brumbies

Brumbies is expected to do wonder in 2016. The brain of Stephen Larkham can be seen at work in the season. If the things go as predicted then Brumbies can win their second title after 2004.

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January 29, 2016

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